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Fixing AVI Index VLC

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Do you want to repair beloved family video captured during best moments? Everyone will feel very bad incase if your beloved videos get corrupted or damaged due to virus attacks or file system error etc. Don’t panic if same thing happened at you because using any professional repair software you can easily overcome by those problems is facing in avi format videos. Repair AVI tool is specially designed for avi format videos after corruption due to any reasons.

This tool not only repairs avi format videos including xvid and divx file formats that do not play slickly or do not play at all. It fixes AVI files which are created on all fashionable brands of camcorders like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, etc. and it supports AVI repairing on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX and HFS+ file system. With this application, you can easily fix AVI file by fixing damaged header file, audio and video data streams on both Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, fixed AVI files can be played smoothly on both Windows and Mac OS.

Various problems you might have faced with AVI video files are:

  • Sound is coming but no picture is coming
  • Picture is coming but no sound
  • Picture is stroked but sound is playing
  • Unable to seek or skip video
  • Sound is out of synchronization

Are you facing similar problems mentioned above while playing your beloved AVI files in VLC PLAYER?  Don’t worry!!! These problems are common due to file corruption or virus threats. You can easily fix those corrupted AVI files using any professional repair tool. Many repair tools are available in online marketing but you should choose best one or else it will decreases chances of repairing corrupted or damaged AVI files. But this tool will give cent percent of repairing damaged AVI files and also support devices like hard drive, USB drive, iPod, memory cards etc. Using this intergrated application, you can easily fix Divx video files which are refuses to play in VLC media player due to corruption or damage in a file. For information of fixing AVI video files visit https://www.repairavi.com/video.html.

No issue however, your AVI video may get corrupted or damaged you can easily fix those files by using this magical software. Before buying this tool, you can evaluate efficiency of fixing AVI index VLC videos by using demo version which is freely available in websites. But in demo version you cannot save repaired AVI video to your any storage device. If you are satisfied with demo version then buy paid version software and save fixed AVI files to any storage media and become free from worries of losing beloved AVI format videos. Click here to know more information about this tool.

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version


Simple Steps for Fixing AVI Index VLC

Step 1: Download this repair tool and launch successfully on PC. After running main screen appears, locate your damaged AVI file using "Browse" button and click on "Repair" button to start repairing process as shown in figure 1.

How to Repair VLC AVI File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After succesfully fixing AVI index VLC, you can see repaired file description as shown in figure 2.

Fixing AVI Index VLC - Preview Video

Figure 2: Preview Video

Step 3: Finally select a destination to save your repaired AVI file and click on save option. If you are satisfied with demo version, buy full version.

Fix VLC AVI File - Save Video

Figure 3: Save Video

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version

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