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Repair AVI

How to Repair AVI Videos?

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Wants to fix damaged video file? Looking to find a solution to repair corrupt AVI video file of your favorite movie? Don't worry…Repair AVI is a complete package to fix AVI file on Windows and Mac machines. Just go ahead and download this software for repairing damaged AVI or DivX video files. With such easy to use interface and self-explained features, even a novice can use this software. However if you still face issues, there is always 24 by 7 free technical support to assist you in fixing corrupt or damaged video files.

In most of the cases, AVI video files are damaged due to fault in the firmware of your camcorder. When you record videos on camcorder, the infected firmware damages the video file header or sometimes even full video file. Media player's faces difficulty in arranging damaged AVI video file segments and hence refuses to play the AVI video file. Repair AVI software takes a copy of such corrupt AVI video files, extracts audio and video data streams, fixes both of them simultaneously, and later adjoins them to make a new playable and healthy AVI video file.

While trying to play your favorite AVI video file on your computer, VLC or any other media player may refuse to play the video. This happens because the AVI or any other video file that you are trying to play is corrupt or damaged. Apart from camcorder's faulty firmware, other scenarios like low battery of camcorder or file system corruption on your personal computer might even damage the AVI video file header. Therefore, to make things easier, use this industry recommended tool to repair damaged header file of AVI video or any other video files like DivX and XviD.

With this fabulous application user can also repair AVI not playing in VLC player. Check out this site https://www.repairavi.com/file-not-playing-in-vlc.html to acquire complete detail about how to fix AVI videos not playing in VLC. Repair AVI software does not make changes to your original corrupt AVI video file. It just takes a copy of that file and repairs it to give new playable AVI video file. Thus, the original file remains intact and if this software fails to repair, you still have the corrupt video file which you can repair using other utilities. Nevertheless, you would not find such drawbacks in this software, because it is reviewed by many industry experts to fix AVI Mac video files.

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version

Steps to repair AVI video files

Step 1: Click on the desktop shortcut to open the utility. On the main screen, click on "Browse" option to select the corrupt AVI video file from the computer. Now press "Repair" option to start the repair process as shown below in figure 1.

Repair AVI Video - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After successful repair, the utility allow you to preview the repaired video. Click "Preview" to check the new AVI file as shown below in figure 2.

Repair AVI Video - Preview Video

Figure 2: Preview Video

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the repair result, you can buy and activate the software in order to save the new AVI file back to your computer.  Once activated, click on "Save" to save the new AVI file as shown below in figure 3.

Repair AVI Video - Save Video

Figure 3: Save Video

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version

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