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Fix AVI File Bad Frame Report

“Recently, I have copied few movies which is in AVI file format from my friend’s system. But when I tried it to play it on my system, it refuses by saying not in proper format, please fix it. I was totally confused because these file were working perfectly in my friends system. Later on I came to know, this known to be bad frame report of an AVI file. I need to repair AVI file bad frame report to play those movies. Can anyone help me to find the perfect tool for repairing AVI file bad frame report?”.

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AVI or Audio Video Interleave is one of the most popular multimedia containers which holds audio as well as video data within a single file. AVI files makes use of simple architecture that allows it to run on various operating system like Windows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX, etc. AVI file format is supported by almost all popular web browsers. AVI file frame issues often occurs when you download the AVI files from file or video sharing platform. And you will have to deal with frame skipping, pixel distortion issues, image freezing. Such problems ruins the experience of watching the video, people hesitate to watch such videos. But these days, you have plenty of options to fix AVI file bad frame report. However, choosing it wisely is key in fixing AVI file bad frame issues as the powerful media players which comes with the tag of ability of repairing AVI file bad frame may give fruitful results every time like in case of multiple frame skips.

The trouble of working with AVI video file that is showing bad frame report is hard to explain. These bad frames will make the video free, at times even the player crashes. The common practice to fix AVI bad frames is by cutting those frames from your video time line, it also removes the audio. It is not an ideal practice. If you are facing AVI file bad frame issues then don’t hesitate to take the services of Repair AVI tool, which is extremely efficient in repairing AVI video files after bad frame report.

Software to fix AVI bad frames:

Repair AVI is one of the most recommended software that helps to fix bad frames on AVI file and allows users to play it in media players. Using this software, you can repair CRC errors in AVI file which makes the file unplayable. This professional application is specifically designed to repair AVI file bad frame report that are caused due to any reason. Repair AVI is a read only application that means it never modifies the source AVI file, instead it reads the content from the AVI file and creates a new healthy AVI file in the desired storage location preferred by the user.

 This tool is effective in fixing AVI file CODEC error that makes the file unplayable on different media players. The audio and video files are separated in the repairing process after finishing the process it is adjoined.

More features of Repair AVI software:

  • It has the ability to fix AVI files that are partially downloaded from the internet.
  • This utility repairs corrupted AVI files stored on any of the storage devices such as hard disk, external hard disk, USB drive, memory cards (SD, CF, SDXC, SDHC, etc.)
  • This application is compatible to work with various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, etc. And various Versions of Mac OS like Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and many more.
  • You can use this tool inrepairing AVI video files that shows wrong length on media players.
  • The repaired AVI file can stored into any location as preferred by the user.
  • Apart from repairing AVI files this tool also allows users to fix XVID, DIVX and various other file formats.
  • The demo version of Repair AVI can be freely downloaded from the internet. Download and install the application to get a clear picture on how this works before purchasing the product.
  • Using this tool, you can easily fix AVI files not playing in Windows Media Player on all versions of Windows.
Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version

Steps to repair AVI file bad frame report

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the software. Launch it and click on "Browse" option to select the broken Xvid file. After that, click on “Repair” option.

Fig 1: Home Window

Step 2: Once you select Repair option, the software will start to fix AVI files bad frame report.

Fig 2: File Repair Progress

Step 3: On completion of the repair process, software lists the repaired files. You can view those files using “Preview” option.

Fig 3: Preview AVI File

Step 4: Finally, purchase the app to save your fixed AVI video files at your desired location by using "Save" option as shown below in fig 4.

Fig 4: Save AVI Video File

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version
Download Repair AVI for Mac Buy Full Version

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