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Repair AVI Video




Repair AVI

  • Advanced software to perform AVI video repair file on Windows and Mac OS
  • Repair AVI file by fixing damaged header file, audio and video data streams
  • Fix corrupt AVI video unplayable on  Smartphone or on VLC media player
  • Repairs AVI, DivX, and XviD files created on different brands of camcorder
  • Free demo version for previewing repaired video file prior to restoration
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Looking to Repair Corrupt AVI Video File?

Repair AVI is a specially designed software for fixing corrupt or damaged AVI video files on Windows and Mac machines. If your favorite AVI video file is having any sought of problem as if VLC media player is not able to play the video, download this tool, and repair your corrupt AVI file. With its advanced data fixing algorithms, it is the best AVI repair tool to repair AVI damaged header file created on all popular brands of camcorders like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, etc.

AVI or DivX video files may get damage due to the faulty firmware of camcorder. It might even happen if video files are created on camcorder showing low battery warning. Repair AVI Mac software will take a copy of the broken or corrupt video file, extract audio and video data streams, fixes them simultaneously, and later adjoins them to make a new healthy playable video file. Go ahead and download free trial version of this software for repairing severely corrupt or damaged AVI, DivX, or XviD video file.

Other reasons which results in AVI file corruption are geneartion of errors while synchronizing files between computer and your externsl storage device, any sought of interruptions occuring while downloading files from internet, AVI video file header corruption, virus or malware invasion on the storage drive on which your AVI files are saved, etc. For all these AVI file corruption scenarios, the single and ultimate solution is AVI repair tool that can carry out AVI video repair easily and effectively just within few simple clicks of your mouse. You can run this reliable software on both Windows and Macintosh line of computers.

Recent Updates:

Repair AVI Index File: Using Repair AVI software, it is very much easy to repair and play the AVI video file that is damaged due to any situation. To know more, visit this page: http://www.repairavi.com/index-file.html


Fix Broken Xvid Files: Now you can fix broken Xvid file in a very effective way. In order to fix you have to make use of Repair AVI software. It’s a highly effective application which can fix broken Xvid file within few simple clicks. To know more, follow this link: http://www.repairavi.com/fix-broken-xvid-files.html.

Repair CamStudio AVI File: If you have lost the inevitable recorded video files from CamStudio and struck with how to fix CamStudio AVI file then, no worries as AVI repair tool will help you in fixing such issues. For further details go through the link: http://www.repairavi.com/camstudio-file.html.

Corrupt AVI File Fixer: If your AVI file is not playing, then simply make use of Repair AVI file fixer. This software can repair AVI file after corruption with great ease. Go through the page URL for more information: http://www.repairavi.com/corrupt-file-fixer.html

Repair AVI Audio Out of Sync: Many times due to AVI files corruption, the audio track of AVI file does not match the video track. In order to synchronize the audio or video track of your AVI file you need to repair it with Repair AVI Tool. Follow this link: http://www.repairavi.com/audio-out-of-sync.html to learn a procedure to repair AVI audio out of sync.

Fix corrupted video files: There are several situations under which your video file might get corrupt. To handle all such instances you need the help of a proficient video file repair tool such as "Repair AVI", which gives you a chance to fix your corrupt video files in few clicks. If you want to recollect more information on corrupted video file repair then visit this page: http://www.repairavi.com/fix-corrupted-video-files.html


Repair broken AVI file: Now with this tool you can easily play broken AVI files which refuses to play smoothly. Click here http://www.repairavi.com/how-to-play-broken.html for more information about how to play broken AVI files.


How to Repair VLC AVI File: With this tool you can easily fix vlc AVI files which are refuses to play smoothly or not at all playing and even you can fix audio and video not synchronized AVI files efficiently.

Repair Divx File: To know more information regarding how to fix corrupted, damaged, broken Divx video files that refuse to play on media players like Windows Media player, VLC media player, Real Time player, etc. Then, exclusively make use of this hassle free application that will fix Divx video files on Windows and Mac machine efficiently.


Repair AVI File not playing in VLC:  Is your AVI file not playing properly on VLC player? Then don’t get upset, just go for this repair tool and perform AVI video repair not playing AVI file in couple of mouse clicks. Go to this site to read more about AVI repair tool: http://www.repairavi.com/file-not-playing-in-vlc.html

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